About Us

Our company name comes from the original thirteen colonies and the fifty-six rebels who signed the Declaration of Independence. We embody the original rebellious American spirit of standing up for a something bigger than yourself and fighting for what you hold true to your heart. Our goal is crafting clothing that is effortlessly stylish with a great fit and simple colors you don’t have to think twice about. At Thirteen Fifty-Six, all of our garments are born with American fortitude. From start to finish it’s all made ethically in Michigan by skilled American craftsmen and women using high quality American fabrics. When you buy a Thirteen Fifty-Six garment, you are supporting American craftsmanship and American manufacturing.

Thirteen Fifty-Six isn’t trying to be the biggest clothing company. We are trying to be the best at perfecting the quintessential wardrobe staples everybody wears. Everyone knows the finest whiskey is made in small batches and crafted to perfection. Our clothing is made in small batches and crafted to the highest standards.

To start, we focused all of our efforts on crafting the perfect all-season hoodie for every occasion. We will be crafting more garments in the near future. We are about to begin production on our central pull-over hoodies. The are made from a game changing tri-blend fabric for maximum comfort and performance. Drop us a line at info@thirteenfifty-six.com if you have any questions…even if you just want to know what the weather is like in Detroit drop us a line.